More and more retired Australians are changing their lives to adopt the caravanning lifestyle. With so many financial and personal benefits, it makes sense why a wave of Grey Nomads are taking over the open roads in Australia. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top reasons why retired Australians choose to buy a caravan.


Enjoying Financial Freedom

Retired Australians have spent their working years developing an asset portfolio that will keep them protected and secure during their retirement years. Once you’ve achieved a level of financial security, it’s important to think about building the lifestyle you desire.

Many retired people choose to sell a property that has become too hard to manage and invest that money into their lifestyle. A simple answer to this is buying an affordable caravan and hitting the road. It’s far more cost-effective than maintaining a house, and it allows you to experience Australia with all the comforts of home.


Improving Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Ageing takes its toll on our physical and mental health, and a proven way of recuperating is spending time in nature. Caravanning helps to build stamina, stay active and gently work the muscles in a way that will maintain your physical health. Many retired Australians enjoy walking tracks, fishing and indoor activities to stimulate their mind while they’re on holidays. A trip into nature can feed the soul and help strengthen relationships, bringing us to our next point.


Creating and Strengthening Relationships

Travelling around Australia in a caravan is a fantastic way to build relationships. Not only with your partner, but with the people you meet along the way. You’ll develop new friendships while getting back to enjoying your partner’s company like you could before the stress and pressure of life took over. This is a huge drawcard for many retired Australians.


Low Cost of Living

Living in retirement involves budgeting and ensuring your funds stretch the distance. Having a fully self-contained caravan promises a low cost of living, giving retired Australians the freedom to travel for long periods of time without eating into their savings too much. With roadside stalls, farmers markets and deals around the country, it’s easy to live a cheaper lifestyle than you do at home.


Comfortable Living Situations

The latest new and second-hand caravans for sale are equipped with all of the necessary features to create a safe and comfortable life for yourself. Speak to the caravan dealers at Canterbury Caravans in Bayswater to find a van that will suit your precise needs. Call us on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.