When you choose to take time off, pack your family up and get on the road, there are many things to take into consideration. Taking the family on a caravanning trip around Australia is a commitment that you’ll want to get the most out of. In this article, you’ll learn Canterbury Caravans’ best budgeting tips and discover some of the most unique and amazing destinations in every corner of Australia.


How to Save Money on the Road

When you’re travelling around Australia, every cent counts. You can find amazing deals for activities, restaurants and caravan parks on websites like Groupon where all you need to do is enter your location. Wherever possible, choose free camping grounds or ask for a cheaper price when you get to your location. There’s no harm in asking and you could save tonnes.

On long trips, it’s beneficial to plan your meals ahead and shop smartly wherever you go. Buying food from service stations seriously adds up over time so pack your food and drinks for day trips and shop like you would at home. Shop at roadside stalls, farmers markets and larger grocery stores to find the best prices and support small local business.


Some of our best money-saving tips include:

  • Budget for approximately $1500 a week but only spend $1200
  • Consider purchasing a small washing machine to save yourself the time and money that comes with laundromats
  • Keep your tow vehicle maintained to avoid expensive breakdowns
  • Download a fuel app to check the prices of fuel as you go
  • Op shop when you need basic items and clothes as the weather changes
  • Ask the locals for advice on where to eat and shop
  • Stop in at tourist centres to find affordable activities and vouchers
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots to save money on data
  • Travel slowly!


Our Top Destinations for Families

Regardless of what state or territory you start your travels in, there’s always something amazing to see in Australia. We’ve chosen one destination from every state so you can map your journey before you leave.


Western Australia

We recommend visiting the Pinkest Lake (officially named Spencer Lake), one of only three pink lakes in WA. The water gets its pink hue from a species of algae. There are plenty of camping and caravanning options that surround the Pinkest Lake.



If you’re travelling up the east coast, you must stop in at the northernmost point of Australia, Cape York. The thousand-kilometre journey north of Cairns will offer plenty of spectacular scenery and a huge range of caravanning options with bathrooms, showers, bars and shops.


South Australia

If you plan on visiting Mount Gambier, there are four crater lakes to see. The Blue Lake is said to be the where the last volcanic eruption on mainland Australia happened. During summer, this lake has a deep cobalt blue colour that is absolutely stunning. Plus, there is a convenient caravan park nearby.


New South Wales

Prepare yourself for some serious altitude when you visit the highest point in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko National Park. This is a gentler hike than the other summits where you can experience the cleanest air and the most rewarding views. There are also plenty of caravan parks and campsites in the national park.



Wilsons Promontory is the southernmost national park in Australia, sporting incredible views and wildlife. You and your family can choose how far you’d like to hike and stay at a campground in the middle so that you don’t need to carry all your gear with you.


Northern Territory

What trip around Australia would be complete without visiting Uluru? This iconic landmark appears to change colour throughout the day, glowing red at sunrise and sunset. There is convenient accommodation nearby and you’ll have a story to remember for the rest of your life.


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