For most families, our dogs are a part of the family; a companion that stays by our side for years. When the time comes to go on a long caravan holiday, it can seem unthinkable to leave them behind. While caravanning with your dog can have its challenges, it is possible with the right planning and preparation.


Consider Potential Restrictions

Before setting off on a trip with your dog, you should be aware of all the potential ways having your pet with you may restrict you from doing certain activities. For example, national parks will not allow dogs to enter. Although there are plenty of pet friendly parks around Australia, most do not offer an off-leash area nearby or have beaches that are not dog friendly.

In most cases, park policy is that you cannot leave you dog at your caravan unattended. This means you either have to find a sitter or put your dog in a kennel to fully enjoy beaches and national parks. This is an added cost and stress on your dog. You may have to consider skipping certain destinations or activities when you do take your dog with you.


Train for the Trip

Dogs often love going out for rides but they can get sick pretty easily, especially when it comes to long road trips. If your dog hasn’t had much experience going for longer drives, it’s a good idea to work up to it to prevent stress and illness. Take them out for progressively longer drives in the lead up to your big trip to help them prepare.


Keeping Your Dog Comfortable

How will your dog travel with you? This will probably depend on the type of vehicle you have. If you have a dual cab, they might sit in the back. Others prefer not to expose their dog to the elements and use a travel cage to house them inside. Make sure they can’t escape or jump into the front seat. You want to ensure your dog has enough space to stand, sit or turn around but not enough to cause mischief.

You want your backseat passenger to be comfortable in their setup so they enjoy traveling and rather than dreading it. Ensure you have plenty of soft bedding so they can relax and get some good sleep. Bringing the bedding they use at home is a good way of making them feel at ease.


Bring Some Treats

As exciting as it is for you, the change of scenery and routine can be distressing for your dog. One way to lessen this stress is by bringing along their favourite meals and treats. Like bringing their bedding, keeping familiar elements of their lives during the road trip makes it easier for them to cope with what’s happening.


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