Staying safe on the road is one of the most important parts of caravanning, and many drivers aren’t prepared for the specific challenges and risks that come with towing a heavy caravan behind their vehicle. By following some pro advice, you could save yourself from a dangerous and expensive accident while you’re towing a caravan.

In this article, Canterbury Caravans is giving you our best safety tips for towing a caravan.

Follow a Simple Checklist Every Time

If you’re new to caravanning, it’s a good idea to put together a safety checklist before you travel. The first step is to ensure your vehicle and caravan have had a full service and check-up by a professional. Every time you plan on travelling, check your tyre pressure and the pressure of your spare tyres. Also, check that the taillights are working on your caravan.

Make sure that your caravan is plugged in securely with the coupling, safety chains and breakaway wires all connected properly. Ensure the trailer handbrake is disengaged and the jockey wheel is safely stowed. Finally, check that the gas bottles are turned off.


Lock Everything Down Properly

Complete a visual inspection and make sure the windows, latches, doors and hatches are securely fastened. Secure the internal equipment and luggage so that nothing moves around and causes damage while you’re driving. Even small things like shower doors and TV brackets need to be locked into position or they could suffer damage on the road.


Stay Concentrated On the Road

Towing a caravan means driving slower than you usually would, and this can become tiring very quickly. You need to concentrate more when you’re towing a caravan because you’re allowing for extra braking and accelerating room, watching for trucks and staying vigilant to avoid trailer sway.

Stay fresh and alert on the road with regular breaks, caffeine and adequate rest. If you plan on travelling for long periods of time, ensure your caravan is comfortable enough to give you a quality night’s rest each evening. If you wake up feeling tired in the morning, have a nap and don’t risk it.


Keeping an Eye Out for Danger

The key to being a safe driver is to anticipate changes on the road. While towing a caravan, make sure you’re scanning for potential obstacles ahead (wide loads, wildlife, power poles, etc.). This could be the difference between having enough time to brake and having an accident. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you and slow down ahead of time when you notice a hazard.


Find a Safe Caravan for Your Journey

The latest models from Canterbury Caravans come with all the safety features you need to feel secure on the road. Find a new or second-hand caravan for sale that will suit your needs. Call our caravan dealers in Bayswater on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.