Many Australians choose to travel overseas, especially when they first retire. At Canterbury Caravans, we believe the best thing to do is travel Australia in a caravan first before heading off to travel the rest of the world. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of caravanning around Australia and exploring your own weird and wonderful backyard.


Caravanning around Australia is Simple and Cost-Effective

As an Australian citizen or permanent resident, it’s so much easier to travel domestically than it is to plan an overseas holiday. You don’t have to worry about passports, visas or customs — all you need to do is pack up and head out. If you already have your drivers’ license and you’ve bought a beautiful new caravan, there will be no issues with renting a vehicle and paying the high prices that come with it.

Many people overlook the humble caravan as a way to see Australia and they end up paying thousands of dollars for accommodation in hotels, backpackers and Airbnbs. Travelling by caravan offers great value for money, and you get the benefits of being closer to nature while enjoying your own privacy. Not only does caravanning save you money on accommodation, it also cuts your transport costs dramatically.


Experience Diverse Landscapes

Australia is extremely diverse, giving explorers something new to admire at every turn. From the tropical rainforests to the snowy mountains and deserts stretching as far as the eye can see, it feels like Australia gives us a snippet of every corner of the world.

No matter what you’re looking for, travelling Australia will tick all your boxes. You’ll see unique flora and fauna across the endless terrains, stretching coastlines and remote farmlands as you make your way across the country. If you choose to embark on a long-haul trip, we recommend travelling from east to west or vice versa in your very own caravan.


Enjoy Freedom As You Have Never Felt Before

Caravans allow you to stay wherever you’d like, giving you the freedom to completely customise your journey. There are cheap caravan parks and even free campsites around Australia so you can pull up whenever you need to rest and start again in the morning. Travelling by caravan means you can also take everything you need with you — you won’t go without your creature comforts and personal items like you do when you head overseas and have minimal luggage allowances.


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