Towing a caravan is a different experience to driving a car and it comes with additional risks and precautions. The latest caravan models are equipped with high-quality safety features that take away some of the stress and pressure of the journey. In this article, Canterbury Caravans is exploring some of the latest safety features that you simply can’t get on the road without.


Electronic Stability Control

The Electronic Stability Control system marks a revolution in caravanning safety. This system is designed to provide the best response to caravan sway in critical situations by braking all wheels simultaneously as soon as sideways movements are detected. This works to bring the vehicle back into line in a controlled way, avoiding dangerous and expensive accidents.


Electric Brake Controllers

Due to the huge amount of weight, your caravan will be equipped with brakes no matter what. An electric brake controller can be manually adjusted to apply the right amount of braking force for different situations and caravan requirements. Modern technology allows these systems to boost the brake power during caravan sway or steep descents, allowing for additional control and safety.


Jockey Wheels

Although relatively simple, jockey wheels are highly important when you’re manoeuvring your caravan. If this feature breaks while you’re in a remote area, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. High-quality swivelling jockey wheels add safety and convenience because you don’t have to remove or store them. There are also motorised or hydraulic jockey wheels that are offered in upmarket caravans and remove the stress from setting up.


Tips for Towing Your Caravan Safely

When you’re towing a new or second-hand caravan, you’ll want the best towing equipment to ensure your safety on the road. Read our tips below for safely towing a caravan.

  • Get a mechanical check on your caravan and towing vehicle before you leave
  • Leave an extra 20m between you and the next vehicle — even more in wet conditions
  • Check the gas bottles are switched off while you’re travelling
  • Secure the doors, windows, latches and hatches before you leave
  • Practise reversing in an open space so you can learn how the van moves
  • Travel at a slower speed and in a low gear when moving downhill
  • Secure all loose items in the caravan while you’re in motion
  • Don’t let anyone travel inside the caravan while you’re moving — this is also against the law and can result in massive fines


Finding Your New Caravan in Bayswater

To find a new or second-hand caravan for sale that is equipped with all of the latest safety features, speak to the team at Canterbury Caravans. We will discuss your precise needs and find the perfect van for you. We also specialise in custom-built caravans so you can pick and choose your desired features. Call us on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.