Caravanning with the whole family can be an unforgettable experience when you come prepared. Bored kids can be a nightmare for parents who are just trying to relax, so Canterbury Caravans has come up with this guide to keeping the kids entertained in a caravan. Read our tips below and get in touch to find your dream caravan today.


Plan Ahead Before You Go

Successful holidays occur when you’re well prepared. Plan ahead by packing everything you need for certain activities, including glue, string, paper, colouring-in books, pencils and scissors. These items don’t require much space and you can keep the kids entertained for hours with arts and crafts.

Certain items can be extremely versatile, such as ropes for knotting or tug of war, totem tennis or outdoor games that you can pack away easily. Use plastic storage containers for toys, stationery, clothes and treasures.


Entertaining Kids While You Drive

We all know the classic games like I Spy, 20 Questions and Road Bingo, so be prepared to play these games hundreds of times. Load some of your children’s favourite movies onto an iPad to keep them occupied on longer journeys and keep audiobooks and CDs on hand for travelling singalongs.


Finding Fun at the Campsite

When you arrive at a caravan park, take the kids for a walk to check out the different features and make sure they know how to find their way around. Many caravan parks have pools or kids centres to keep them occupied. Take them on an excursion to collect random items like driftwood, shells and interesting stones then inspect your findings after dinner.

Use Google to make sure your chosen caravan park is child-friendly or call ahead to find out. You’ll want to know what activities are on offer nearby and check if the park has noise restrictions. Certain features like a baby changing area or communal BBQ can make all the difference when you arrive at your caravan park.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Books

Even if your children aren’t avid readers, they are bound to enjoy certain genres of fiction. Find out what interests your family and stock up on exciting books for them to read. A good book can transport you to another place and keep you busy for hours, which is fantastic when the parents want a moment to relax.


Finding a Family-Friendly Caravan 

To avoid fights and frustration on your journey, you’ll want a caravan that has plenty of space and creature comforts. Speak to the Bayswater caravan dealers at Canterbury Caravans to discover the right-sized caravan that suits your budget. Call us on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.