How to Prepare for Long-Haul Caravan Trips

So, you’ve finally made the plans to go away on the trip you deserve. Taking time off and hitting the road for months at a time takes a whole extra level of planning, preparing and packing in comparison with a simple weekend trip away. In this article, Canterbury Caravans is here to teach you how to prepare for long-haul caravan trips.


Practise with Shorter Trips First

If you’ve only recently purchased your first caravan, it’s important to get to know how the vehicle works before embarking on a long journey. Try to make time for a few weekends away at locations that are close to home and easy to get back from.

By practising first, you can familiarise yourself with setting up and packing down your van and equipment. You’ll also gain an understanding of the amount of food and personal items you’ll need to pack for each day.


Prepare Your Caravan

It’s vital that you schedule a service for both your caravan and your towing vehicle. The last think you want is to break down in a remote area of Australia so book in for a complete service with your trusted mechanic. If you have an older van, it may also be a good idea to get your internal appliances serviced, including the air conditioner and refrigerator.


Make Sure Your Home Is Looked After

If you’re leaving for 6 months to a year, you’ll want to ensure your home is either rented out or looked after by a close friend. A house sitter is a good idea to look after pets, plants, collecting mail and maintaining the property. You could also make money by renting the place out, allowing you to travel for even longer.


Packing for a Long-Haul Trip

The first step to packing is understanding your van’s legal weight limit. Start by packing everything you think you’ll need and then start ruthlessly culling to trim the fat. Pack the bare minimum: a week’s worth of clothes, basic kitchen items, etc. The less you pack, the better your caravan will travel on the road.


Finding the Right Caravan for Your Needs

A long-haul trip requires a different kind of caravan. You’ll want an ensuite and all the basic appliances that you would have at home. A well-equipped kitchenette will save you money as you travel along, and that’s incredibly important when you plan on travelling for long periods of time.