How to Choose a Caravan that Suits Your Family

Different caravans are made to meet the demands of different shapes and sizes of families. It can be overwhelming to start your search for a new caravan, considering the sheer number of models available on the market. In this article, Canterbury Caravans is making the process easier with a simple guide to choosing a caravan that suits your family.


Asking Yourself the Right Questions

The first step to finding your dream caravan is figuring out your needs and wants. When you’re planning to buy a caravan, ask yourself:

  • What type of van would suit my family?
  • Can I find a suitable second-hand caravan for sale?
  • Do we need an ensuite?
  • What size and how many beds do we need?
  • How long will we be travelling? (This can help you decide on features like washing machines and storage solutions)
  • Where will we store the van when not in use?
  • Will we be travelling off-road?
  • What towing capacity can our car handle?


Understanding Your Vehicle’s Towing Requirements

You need to know the towing capacity of your family vehicle to avoid looking at caravans that are too heavy. If you plan on buying a new towing vehicle, you can always make that decision after you find the right caravan for your family. Speaking to expert caravan dealers will help you understand what your car can handle.


Family Models Available from Canterbury Caravans

At Canterbury Caravans, we stock a wide range of brands that each have their own family-specific models. Below, we’re exploring some of these models so that you know what’s available.


Family Vans in the Paramount Signature Range

The Paramount Signature Range starts from 20’ through to 24’. You can choose between 2, 3 and 4 bunk models to suit your family’s needs. You have the option of either external showers or full ensuites, depending on your budget and how you choose to use your caravan. For more extensive customisation, speak to our team about full custom caravan builds.


The Adventurer Family Range

Paramount also offers a variety of family vans in their Adventurer Range. Choose a standard floorplan or a custom design with modifiable sleeping arrangements and bathroom features. There’s even a 4-bunk version with a full ensuite and queen bed for parents.


Viscount Family V2

The Viscount Family V2 comes with the option of either two or three bunks, so you can find the right floorplan for your family. The layout of this caravan has been designed by travelling families. The adult-sized bunks are located at the back for privacy and safety, and you can choose a separate toilet and shower. This caravan ticks all the boxes without breaking the budget.


Find Caravans for Sale in Melbourne

Canterbury Caravans has a model to suit every family. Speak to our expert caravan dealers in Bayswater about your options and take that first step towards your dream family holiday. Call us on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.