Family Caravan Choices

From pop-tops to tent trailers, motorhomes, campervans and caravans, there are a wide range of choices when it comes to recreational vehicles. There are plenty of options for family caravans. Choosing the right one depends on what features you need. Are you doing the big lap around Australia or just the odd weekend camping trip? Are you going off-road or sticking to caravan parks? Where you want to go and for how long is the first key consideration. Below we look at some others.



Consider the towing capacity of your current vehicle. Depending on what it is, your options may be limited. Automatic 4WD vehicles are the best option for towing larger family caravans. When checking for towing capacity, don’t forget to account for factors like tow ball mass.


Set Up Time

For many families, being able to get away quickly and easily is important. Camper trailers and tents can sometimes take hours to set up. This isn’t always ideal, especially if you have limited time or have impatient kids in tow. Regular caravans are the best option for minimal set up times.


Need a Shower and Toilet?

For some caravanners, having a shower and a toilet is considered a luxury. But for many families going on long drives with young children, it can save a lot of hassle and complaints. Whether you need one may once again come down to where you’re going. If you plan on staying at caravan parks with toilet and shower facilities the whole time, it might not be necessary.

However, showers and toilets often come as standard in many family caravan models like Viscounts or Golden Eagles and can go a long way in making caravan life more homely.


Bunk Beds

Most families need bunks in their caravans to accommodate everyone. Many manufacturers provide two or three bunks in addition to a master bed. Another handy feature can be a table which converts the dining area into another bed. You can often customise caravan floor plans when you buy one so you can tailor it according to your needs.


Other Family Friendly Features

Other family-friendly features you might want include a kitchen for cooking up family meals, a full-sized fridge to comfortably store enough to feed everyone and a washing machine so you can easily stay on top of the laundry. With limited space in your caravan, you might need to prioritise what you need, e.g. having a washing machine vs more storage space.


New and Used Family Caravans in Melbourne

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