When it comes to exploring Australia, getting your own caravan is one of the best ways to do it. You can sleep, prepare meals and enjoy your own privacy wherever you go. However, there are a wide range of caravans on the market that vary significantly in quality and cost. For many first-time buyers, the cost factor can be limiting especially for young people. Opting for a second-hand caravan can be a great way of striking the right balance between quality and something that fits your budget.


Used Caravans Retain Their Value Better

The lower cost is obviously the main thing that attracts buyers to second hand caravans. But another benefit is their resale value. Like a new car, the moment you take a new caravan off the forecourt, it loses 10 per cent of its value and up to 20 per cent after the first year. A used caravan on the other hand can be sold for almost the same price a couple of years later if it is properly maintained and cared for. This is great for travellers who want to do the lap of Australia in a caravan and sell it off to the next person once they’ve done it.


You Can Actually Find Quality Used Caravans

When you mention used caravans, some people picture dated old things from the 70s or 80s that are devoid of any new features. You might find people warning you that if you want all the benefits of the latest safety features and comforts of recent design advancements, you’ll need to buy new. But this isn’t true anymore. There are plenty of used caravans on the market that offer the latest features including rear suspension, solar power, quality appliances and durable, lightweight construction


Peace of Mind When Buying from a Dealer

Another common concern is getting stuck with a lemon. This is certainly a risk when purchasing from a private seller or auction. But if you buy a used caravan through a reputable, licenced dealer, you can be sure it has been checked and tested to ensure safe and reliable performance.


Licenced dealers do many exhaustive checks to ensure the units they are selling are in good working condition and are not stolen or encumbered (don’t have any money owing on them). Dealers offer more stock choices, provide safety checks on all their caravans before they selling and often offer non-manufacturer warranties.


Quality Used Caravans in Melbourne

At Canterbury Caravans, we have a wide range of quality new and used caravans for sale on display, from pop tops to lightweight vans and family sized caravans. If you need a used caravan, you can be sure our range are all in top condition. We also offer a comprehensive range of services for caravans, including servicing and repairs, as well as alterations and additions to suit your specific needs.

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