Many Australians choose to travel overseas, especially when they first retire. At Canterbury Caravans, we believe the best thing to do is travel Australia in a caravan first before heading off to travel the rest of the world. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of caravanning around Australia and exploring your own weird and wonderful backyard.


Caravanning around Australia is Simple and Cost-Effective

As an Australian citizen or permanent resident, it’s so much easier to travel domestically than it is to plan an overseas holiday. You don’t have to worry about passports, visas or customs — all you need to do is pack up and head out. If you already have your drivers’ license and you’ve bought a beautiful new caravan, there will be no issues with renting a vehicle and paying the high prices that come with it.

Many people overlook the humble caravan as a way to see Australia and they end up paying thousands of dollars for accommodation in hotels, backpackers and Airbnbs. Travelling by caravan offers great value for money, and you get the benefits of being closer to nature while enjoying your own privacy. Not only does caravanning save you money on accommodation, it also cuts your transport costs dramatically.


Experience Diverse Landscapes

Australia is extremely diverse, giving explorers something new to admire at every turn. From the tropical rainforests to the snowy mountains and deserts stretching as far as the eye can see, it feels like Australia gives us a snippet of every corner of the world.

No matter what you’re looking for, travelling Australia will tick all your boxes. You’ll see unique flora and fauna across the endless terrains, stretching coastlines and remote farmlands as you make your way across the country. If you choose to embark on a long-haul trip, we recommend travelling from east to west or vice versa in your very own caravan.


Enjoy Freedom As You Have Never Felt Before

Caravans allow you to stay wherever you’d like, giving you the freedom to completely customise your journey. There are cheap caravan parks and even free campsites around Australia so you can pull up whenever you need to rest and start again in the morning. Travelling by caravan means you can also take everything you need with you — you won’t go without your creature comforts and personal items like you do when you head overseas and have minimal luggage allowances.


Speak to Melbourne’s Chosen Caravan Dealers

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More and more retired Australians are changing their lives to adopt the caravanning lifestyle. With so many financial and personal benefits, it makes sense why a wave of Grey Nomads are taking over the open roads in Australia. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top reasons why retired Australians choose to buy a caravan.


Enjoying Financial Freedom

Retired Australians have spent their working years developing an asset portfolio that will keep them protected and secure during their retirement years. Once you’ve achieved a level of financial security, it’s important to think about building the lifestyle you desire.

Many retired people choose to sell a property that has become too hard to manage and invest that money into their lifestyle. A simple answer to this is buying an affordable caravan and hitting the road. It’s far more cost-effective than maintaining a house, and it allows you to experience Australia with all the comforts of home.


Improving Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Ageing takes its toll on our physical and mental health, and a proven way of recuperating is spending time in nature. Caravanning helps to build stamina, stay active and gently work the muscles in a way that will maintain your physical health. Many retired Australians enjoy walking tracks, fishing and indoor activities to stimulate their mind while they’re on holidays. A trip into nature can feed the soul and help strengthen relationships, bringing us to our next point.


Creating and Strengthening Relationships

Travelling around Australia in a caravan is a fantastic way to build relationships. Not only with your partner, but with the people you meet along the way. You’ll develop new friendships while getting back to enjoying your partner’s company like you could before the stress and pressure of life took over. This is a huge drawcard for many retired Australians.


Low Cost of Living

Living in retirement involves budgeting and ensuring your funds stretch the distance. Having a fully self-contained caravan promises a low cost of living, giving retired Australians the freedom to travel for long periods of time without eating into their savings too much. With roadside stalls, farmers markets and deals around the country, it’s easy to live a cheaper lifestyle than you do at home.


Comfortable Living Situations

The latest new and second-hand caravans for sale are equipped with all of the necessary features to create a safe and comfortable life for yourself. Speak to the caravan dealers at Canterbury Caravans in Bayswater to find a van that will suit your precise needs. Call us on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.

Staying safe on the road is one of the most important parts of caravanning, and many drivers aren’t prepared for the specific challenges and risks that come with towing a heavy caravan behind their vehicle. By following some pro advice, you could save yourself from a dangerous and expensive accident while you’re towing a caravan.

In this article, Canterbury Caravans is giving you our best safety tips for towing a caravan.

Follow a Simple Checklist Every Time

If you’re new to caravanning, it’s a good idea to put together a safety checklist before you travel. The first step is to ensure your vehicle and caravan have had a full service and check-up by a professional. Every time you plan on travelling, check your tyre pressure and the pressure of your spare tyres. Also, check that the taillights are working on your caravan.

Make sure that your caravan is plugged in securely with the coupling, safety chains and breakaway wires all connected properly. Ensure the trailer handbrake is disengaged and the jockey wheel is safely stowed. Finally, check that the gas bottles are turned off.


Lock Everything Down Properly

Complete a visual inspection and make sure the windows, latches, doors and hatches are securely fastened. Secure the internal equipment and luggage so that nothing moves around and causes damage while you’re driving. Even small things like shower doors and TV brackets need to be locked into position or they could suffer damage on the road.


Stay Concentrated On the Road

Towing a caravan means driving slower than you usually would, and this can become tiring very quickly. You need to concentrate more when you’re towing a caravan because you’re allowing for extra braking and accelerating room, watching for trucks and staying vigilant to avoid trailer sway.

Stay fresh and alert on the road with regular breaks, caffeine and adequate rest. If you plan on travelling for long periods of time, ensure your caravan is comfortable enough to give you a quality night’s rest each evening. If you wake up feeling tired in the morning, have a nap and don’t risk it.


Keeping an Eye Out for Danger

The key to being a safe driver is to anticipate changes on the road. While towing a caravan, make sure you’re scanning for potential obstacles ahead (wide loads, wildlife, power poles, etc.). This could be the difference between having enough time to brake and having an accident. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you and slow down ahead of time when you notice a hazard.


Find a Safe Caravan for Your Journey

The latest models from Canterbury Caravans come with all the safety features you need to feel secure on the road. Find a new or second-hand caravan for sale that will suit your needs. Call our caravan dealers in Bayswater on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.

Choosing a caravan is a complicated process, especially when there are so many makes and models available on the market. If you can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to consider building a custom caravan that will perfectly suit your needs. In this article, Canterbury Caravans is exploring why you should build a custom caravan.


The Benefits of Custom Caravans

Buying a luxury custom caravan is a more involved process than purchasing a car would be. It’s important to make sensible and well-informed decisions before putting your hard-earned money on the line. The right vehicle with the right interiors will serve you for a lifetime, so it’s worth getting it right.


Enjoy all the Latest Features

You can design your custom caravan with all the basic features available and then choose from a long list of add-ons to ensure you hit the road in comfort and style. You’ll feel like you’ve created your own home away from home, giving you the freedom to travel for longer.


Superior Quality Materials

Custom caravans from Canterbury Caravans are designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials. You can choose the style, size, form and components to suit your needs. Plus, you’ll be able to integrate energy-efficient appliances to make sure your caravan is environmentally friendly.


Match the Interiors to Your Personal Style

Integrate the latest trends in colours, designs, equipment, fabrics and finishes to create your one-of-a-kind, beautiful custom caravan. This means matching the interiors to suit your design preferences and the way you plan on using your caravan. Pick your own upholstery, lighting, appliances and more.


Work within Your Budget

Before you start designing a custom caravan, you can meet with the expert caravan dealers at Canterbury Caravans to ensure the vehicle is made to suit your budget. You’ll know exactly what to expect and you’ll discover affordable luxury features that you didn’t even know were possible.


The Problem with Stock-Standard Caravans

Many of our customers find that choosing a caravan from a standard range doesn’t meet their needs, especially for people with growing families. They then try to sell their caravan in order to upgrade to a more suitable vehicle. Unfortunately, caravans depreciate in a similar way to cars, so this process will cost you more in the long term.


Create Your Custom Build with Canterbury Caravans

Whether you’re looking for a family van, an off-road camper, a small caravan or a pop-top model, Canterbury Caravans can custom design and build the perfect model for your needs. Browse through our new and second-hand caravans for sale to take notes and gain inspiration for your own vehicle. If you’re simply looking for a particular model with a few changes to the interior features, our technical team can help you.


Call Canterbury Caravans in Bayswater on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.

When you choose to take time off, pack your family up and get on the road, there are many things to take into consideration. Taking the family on a caravanning trip around Australia is a commitment that you’ll want to get the most out of. In this article, you’ll learn Canterbury Caravans’ best budgeting tips and discover some of the most unique and amazing destinations in every corner of Australia.


How to Save Money on the Road

When you’re travelling around Australia, every cent counts. You can find amazing deals for activities, restaurants and caravan parks on websites like Groupon where all you need to do is enter your location. Wherever possible, choose free camping grounds or ask for a cheaper price when you get to your location. There’s no harm in asking and you could save tonnes.

On long trips, it’s beneficial to plan your meals ahead and shop smartly wherever you go. Buying food from service stations seriously adds up over time so pack your food and drinks for day trips and shop like you would at home. Shop at roadside stalls, farmers markets and larger grocery stores to find the best prices and support small local business.


Some of our best money-saving tips include:

  • Budget for approximately $1500 a week but only spend $1200
  • Consider purchasing a small washing machine to save yourself the time and money that comes with laundromats
  • Keep your tow vehicle maintained to avoid expensive breakdowns
  • Download a fuel app to check the prices of fuel as you go
  • Op shop when you need basic items and clothes as the weather changes
  • Ask the locals for advice on where to eat and shop
  • Stop in at tourist centres to find affordable activities and vouchers
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots to save money on data
  • Travel slowly!


Our Top Destinations for Families

Regardless of what state or territory you start your travels in, there’s always something amazing to see in Australia. We’ve chosen one destination from every state so you can map your journey before you leave.


Western Australia

We recommend visiting the Pinkest Lake (officially named Spencer Lake), one of only three pink lakes in WA. The water gets its pink hue from a species of algae. There are plenty of camping and caravanning options that surround the Pinkest Lake.



If you’re travelling up the east coast, you must stop in at the northernmost point of Australia, Cape York. The thousand-kilometre journey north of Cairns will offer plenty of spectacular scenery and a huge range of caravanning options with bathrooms, showers, bars and shops.


South Australia

If you plan on visiting Mount Gambier, there are four crater lakes to see. The Blue Lake is said to be the where the last volcanic eruption on mainland Australia happened. During summer, this lake has a deep cobalt blue colour that is absolutely stunning. Plus, there is a convenient caravan park nearby.


New South Wales

Prepare yourself for some serious altitude when you visit the highest point in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko National Park. This is a gentler hike than the other summits where you can experience the cleanest air and the most rewarding views. There are also plenty of caravan parks and campsites in the national park.



Wilsons Promontory is the southernmost national park in Australia, sporting incredible views and wildlife. You and your family can choose how far you’d like to hike and stay at a campground in the middle so that you don’t need to carry all your gear with you.


Northern Territory

What trip around Australia would be complete without visiting Uluru? This iconic landmark appears to change colour throughout the day, glowing red at sunrise and sunset. There is convenient accommodation nearby and you’ll have a story to remember for the rest of your life.


Find Your Dream Family Caravan Today

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Different caravans are made to meet the demands of different shapes and sizes of families. It can be overwhelming to start your search for a new caravan, considering the sheer number of models available on the market. In this article, Canterbury Caravans is making the process easier with a simple guide to choosing a caravan that suits your family.


Asking Yourself the Right Questions

The first step to finding your dream caravan is figuring out your needs and wants. When you’re planning to buy a caravan, ask yourself:

  • What type of van would suit my family?
  • Can I find a suitable second-hand caravan for sale?
  • Do we need an ensuite?
  • What size and how many beds do we need?
  • How long will we be travelling? (This can help you decide on features like washing machines and storage solutions)
  • Where will we store the van when not in use?
  • Will we be travelling off-road?
  • What towing capacity can our car handle?


Understanding Your Vehicle’s Towing Requirements

You need to know the towing capacity of your family vehicle to avoid looking at caravans that are too heavy. If you plan on buying a new towing vehicle, you can always make that decision after you find the right caravan for your family. Speaking to expert caravan dealers will help you understand what your car can handle.


Family Models Available from Canterbury Caravans

At Canterbury Caravans, we stock a wide range of brands that each have their own family-specific models. Below, we’re exploring some of these models so that you know what’s available.


Family Vans in the Paramount Signature Range

The Paramount Signature Range starts from 20’ through to 24’. You can choose between 2, 3 and 4 bunk models to suit your family’s needs. You have the option of either external showers or full ensuites, depending on your budget and how you choose to use your caravan. For more extensive customisation, speak to our team about full custom caravan builds.


The Adventurer Family Range

Paramount also offers a variety of family vans in their Adventurer Range. Choose a standard floorplan or a custom design with modifiable sleeping arrangements and bathroom features. There’s even a 4-bunk version with a full ensuite and queen bed for parents.


Viscount Family V2

The Viscount Family V2 comes with the option of either two or three bunks, so you can find the right floorplan for your family. The layout of this caravan has been designed by travelling families. The adult-sized bunks are located at the back for privacy and safety, and you can choose a separate toilet and shower. This caravan ticks all the boxes without breaking the budget.


Find Caravans for Sale in Melbourne

Canterbury Caravans has a model to suit every family. Speak to our expert caravan dealers in Bayswater about your options and take that first step towards your dream family holiday. Call us on 03 9729 8188 or contact us online today.

We are now open, with a Covid safe environment for staff and customers. Our team looks forward to seeing you soon!