7 Must Have Caravan Accessories

A caravan is a great way to see and travel Australia. Whether you’re going on a short holiday up the coast or doing the big lap, what accessories you have plays a big role in the comfort and safety of your journey. Below we look at some of the most useful caravan accessories available.

1. Solar Panels

It’s not hard to make the case for having an additional, renewable power source for all your appliances and gadgets. Solar panels are inexpensive and do wonders for adding convenience and peace of mind to your caravan journeys. If you want to save energy and ensure you can always charge your batteries and devices, it’s worth investing in solar energy.


2. Awnings

Even if your caravan is spacious and comfortable, it’s nice to spend most of your time outside when you are camping or stopping for breaks. In those situations, you want protection from the elements. From pouring rain to blistering sun, awnings allow you to hang out and relax outside regardless of the weather.


3. Weight Distribution Devices

Attached to the coupling of the caravan, weight distribution devices are designed to balance the weight of your caravan across the vehicle’s axles and trailer. This reduces swaying and improves handling and braking, which is great for improving safety when you’re tackling winding roads through national parks.


4. Reversing Camera

Reversing your camera can often be an ordeal with a caravan, usually requiring one person to guide the driver on. With a reversing camera fitted to the back of your caravan, you can make reversing safer and easier with full access to the view at the back.


5. Truck GPS

If you have a bigger caravan, the potential of coming across a low clearance bridge can be a concern. This can be avoided by using GPS systems with a ‘truck mode” feature. This allows you to input the height and length of your rig and come up with routes for you that will avoid you running into any low bridges, dead ends or tight streets.


6. Clothes Horse or Line

While this isn’t the most extravagant accessory you can have, it’s definitely one that makes life a lot easier on the road. Clothes horses are great for being able to hang out a lot of clothes to dry while travelling but if you’re tight on space, a line that you can tie between two objects is great as well.


7. External Shower

If you don’t have a shower in your caravan, then a simple external shower can be a great accessory to have. You can use it for general showering as well as washing your feet before getting back inside or rinsing off after a day at the beach.


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